March 10, 2011


Sooo, after much thought and putting it off, I am resolving to stick to this blog! I LOVE reading blogs, catching up with old friends, finding new reads and inspiration, and most of all... having my own place for creativity and verbal catharsis! So, why such a funny name for a blog that has nothing to do with dogs!? Funny enough, I told my husband how much I loved my chihuahua, that I wanted to open a pet store for tiny breeds and call it the "Wet Nose Dog." Cute, right? Well, not that dreams can't come true, but let's face it... I doubt I will ever be a business owner of that magnitude, much less be able to sell puppies. I'm pretty sure I'd keep them all. However, I do find a lot of joy in the simple things. Sunny walks, "cookies," matching sweaters and such... This blog will have some funny in it, but also a lot of practical and serious, dabbled with creative. I really want this to be an "everything" blog. I think it will be better for me :) And hopefully, you too.

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