March 11, 2011

9 Weeks

Today baby is 9 weeks, about 1" long (the size of a grape) and has all essential body parts accounted for. Baby's heart is almost fully finished dividing into four chambers and valves are forming. Amazing.

It's still so crazy to me. A little life is growing, and is part me/part the man I love. This little person has a soul, talents, hair and eye color are determined, the sound of their voice and gender... how wonderful to know that from day 1, all these things were knit together in the DNA code that God desired for this little one to have.

Praying for baby, that all is well and safe.


  1. That is amazing. I am so excited for you guys :)

    Be sure to enjoy the little things now like uninterrupted conversations, how quickly you can get in and out of a car, and full nights of sleep. Change is coming ;)

  2. Haha, sooo true! I am already thinking of how I am gonna walk the dog when we live on the 2nd story and I have to get stroller/carrier contraptions up and down the stairs with a lead in my hand!